Eric Pedley

Homestead High School Rising Senior,
Software Developer

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This was a hackathon project for LaunchHacks made with three other people. It was the first website I helped build. It's a static page with an embedded chatbot that tries to provide counseling.


This was a hackathon project for Omnihacks made with three other people. The theme was health, and this website finds hospitals near your zip codes and lets you write reviews for them. I worked on the front-end and it was my first time interacting with REST APIs


Hackathon project for HealthHacks made with two other people. The theme was health, and this was for aggregating healthy recipes. It was my first time writing the backend code. The name is supposed to be a portmanteau of Food and Youtube because our first idea was to have a search like youtube does.

Fantasy Cross Country

This is a project I'm doing on my own. It's for playing fantasy cross country with my friends, which is like fantasy football but with cross country instead of football. Most of the challenge is the backend for the website like the database and user system.

Eagle Scout Project

I made a concrete bike path for my school. Click Here to Read More

Spotify to Youtube Playlist Converter

This website reads all the songs from a spotify playlist and adds them to a youtube playlist. Right now the source code is private because I'm still moving the auth code from the frontend to backend in order to hide the api keys.